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We pride ourself on honesty and fair play in all of our activities. A corporate culture is fostered which encourages people to develop, advance professionally and personally within the organization.

The essence of integrity is in actions, and not in words. It is vital to earn the trust of others in doing business that fulfills promises. A participative and dialogue process helps in developing a mutually appreciative and friendly working environment which is further supported by the development of people through training. Wholehearted efforts from all employees to excel in all fields and maintain discipline in terms of time will help in growth of the employees and the company.

We work in unity with the societies towards their development which in turn helps in wider support for the various businesses of Sinar Mas. Teamwork significantly contributes to better results and solutions that are in the best interest of the employees and the company. Frequent communication and opportunities for growth also come with responsibilities and sense of ownership for all employees to be part of a large family – Sinar Mas.

Portfolio - MadebyVK - WordPress Web Design Jakarta, Indonesia
Portfolio - MadebyVK - WordPress Web Design Jakarta, Indonesia

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Portfolio - MadebyVK - WordPress Web Design Jakarta, Indonesia

GPIB Hosiana Jakarta Pusat

GPIB Hosiana Jakarta

Viking KARWUR is a Web Designer based in Jakarta, Indonesia.
(Remote NUSANTARA, Bali, Manado & Bekasi)

I am currently available for Framer & WordPress Freelance Work.

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Lead by Viking KARWUR, also know as MadebyVK is a Framer & WordPress Web Design and Development based in Bekasi, Indonesia.
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